This page contains photographs taken by D. Grupe taken during the colloquium given to the honor of Yasuo Tanaka for his 70th birthday.

Dia 30
Yasuo Tanaka with his wife Toshiko, Joachim Trümper, and L. Woltjer
Dia 31 More guests are coming Dia 32 J. Trümper and Y. Tanaka Dia 33
The audience 1
Dia 34
The audience 2

Dia 35
The audience 3
Dia 36
Joachim Trümper gives his openning remarks
Dia 37
L. Woltjer during his laudatio
Dia 38
G. Boese, J. Englhauser, S. Komossa, D. Breitschwert, and R. Supper
Dia 39
During the coffe break

Dia 40
Vadim Burwitz and Uli Zimmermann
Dia 41
Yasushi Ikebe, the videographer
Dia 43
Dia 45
Dia 48
Toshiko and Yasuo Tanaka

Dia 49 Toshiko and Yasuo Tanaka
Dia 50
W. Duschl, F. Meyer, R. Genzel, and H.-C. Thomas
Dia 51
R. Sunyaev and J. Trümper
Dia 52
R. Genzel, J. Trümper, and R. Sunyaev
Dia 53
M. Gliozzi and V. Burwitz

Dia 54
Rashid Sunyaev
Dia 55
Reinhard Genzel
Dia 56
Joachim Trümper with flowers for Toshiko Tanaka
J. Trümper with the first present for Y. Tanaka
Dia 61
Yasuo Tanaka and his new beer mug

Dia 63
J. Trümper with the second present for Y. Tanaka
Dia 64
Yasuo Tanaka
Dia 65
Wolfgang Voges moves walls
Dia 66 Dia 67
R. Sunyaev and L. Woltjer

Dia 68 R. Supper, G. Kanbach, and D. Breitschwert Dia 69 W. Voges and D. Wach Dia 71
R. Sunyaev, Y. Tanaka, and J. Trümper
Dia 72
Yasuo Tanaka and Wolfgang Voges
Dia 73
Yashusi Ikebe with his new video camera

Last change: 05-June-2001