Celebration of the retirement of Joachim Trümper - lunch

2. Lunch in the garden of the MPE

Dia 106
Dia 107 Dia 108 Dia 109
Dia 110

Dia 112
Dia 113
C. Wunderer, C. Reppin, and J. Kemmer
Dia 114
H. Hippmann, H. Scheingraber, and E. Kendziorra
Dia 115
G. Böse, G. Trinchieri, ...
Dia 116

Dia 117
Dia 118 Dia 119 Dia 120
Dia 121

Dia 122
J. Trümper and .. Bachor
Dia 123
Finally also Joachim Trümper gets something to eat.
Dia 124 Dia 125
E. van den Heuvel and Y. and T. Tanaka
Dia 126

Dia 127
Dia 128
Wolfgang Brinkmann and Mario Gliozzi
Dia129 Dia 130
W. Burkert, M. Freyberg, and K. Dennerl
Dia 131

Dia 132
Joachim and Michael Trümper
Dia 133
Bernd Aschenbach (m) and Andreas Vogler (r)
Dia 134
Reimar Lüst during a phone call
Dia 135
Konrad Dennerl
Dia 136
K.-H. Rädler, G. Morfill, and K. Beuermann

Dia 137
Yashusi Ikebe with his new video camera
Dia 138
Peter Predehl and Ulrich Briel
Dia 139
Joachim Trümper, Walburga Frankenhuizen, and Jutta Trümper
Dia 140
Brigitte Trümper, Klaus Beuermann, `Opa' (Grandpa) Trümper with Dominik (in the pram)
Dia 141
Joachim Trümper and Klaus Beuermann

Dia 142
Gregor Morfill (conducting?)
Dia 143
Rudolf Kippenhahn, Hans-Christoph Thomas, and Rudolf Treumann

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