Celebration of the retirement of Joachim Trümper - talks

1. Talks in the morning

Dia 77
H. Bräuninger, E. Kendziorra , G. Hasinger, and C. Reppin
Dia 78 N. Schmitz, J. Trümper, M. Schmidt, E. van den Heuvel, P. Predehl, and R. Wielebinski Dia 79 K. Pinkau and R. Lüst Dia 80
J. Trümper and W. Wild
Dia 81
H.-C. Thomas and R. Staubert

Dia 82
G. Morfill, E. van den Heuvel, and M. Schmidt
Dia 83
Audience 1
Dia 84
Something's very funny
Dia 85
A. Bachem, W. Wild, and Mr & Mrs Ruder
Dia 86
R. Lüst, K. Pinkau, and P. Predehl

Dia 87
Dia 88
Opening remarks by Gregor Morfill
Dia 89
R. Lüst and K. Pinkau
Dia 90
G. Morfill and J. Trümper
Dia 91
J. Trümper with his new Maibaum (May-pole)

Dia 92
G. Morfill and Jutta Trümper
Dia 93
Remarks by Peter Predehl, the organizer
Dia 94
Laudatio by Reimar Lüst
Dia 95
Talk by K. Pinkau about: Trümper - the early years
Dia 96
K. Pinkau and his description of the meeting on Süderook (J. Trümper is the one with the white sweater in the picture)

Dia 97
U. Roose, R. Staubert, D. Köster, K. Beuermann, and K.-H. Rädler
Dia 98
Talk by E. van den Heuvel
Dia 99
E. van den Heuvel and J. Trümper
G. Hasinger and P. Predehl
Dia 101
Günther Hasinger is giving his talk

Dia 102
Talk by Beate Stelzer
Dia 103
B. Stelzer and J. Trümper
Dia 104
Closing remarks by Joachim Trümper
Dia 105
Closing remarks continued

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