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MPE News July 9, 2010

Three junior scientists from MPE meet Nobel Laureates in Lindau

Young researchers listen to Françoise Barré-Sinoussi, who jointly discovered HIV
Credit: Mierk Schwabe/MPE

Chengran Du with John Mather, who investigates the cosmic background radiation
Credit: Mierk Schwabe/MPE

The annual Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings brings together dozens of Nobel laureates and selected junior scientists from institutions worldwide to "educate, inspire, and connect". For this year's meeting three students from the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics travelled to Lake Constance: Katie Dodds-Eden of the Infrared/Submillimetre group, and Chengran Du and Mierk Schwabe from the Complex Plasma group.

The young researchers could listen to talks about top science research, discuss with Nobel laureates and establish new contacts with many other scientists. The 650 young researchers - selected from more than 40 000 applicants - were joined by 59 Nobel laureates in physiology or medicine, physics and chemistry for the 60th Lindau Meeting this year.

The week offered a mix of plenary talks, panel discussions and more intimate sessions. "It was very nice to communicate and make friends with a lot of researchers at our age", says Chengran Du. "It is interesting to talk to persons with different research background from different countries. I also enjoyed the discussions with the Laureates very much."

Mierk Schwabe adds: "The small scale discussions were very enriching for me as well. The laureates spent a lot of time with us and answered all our questions. Topics ranged from the latest advances in science to more general questions such as hints on how to find postdoc positions."

The enthusiasm shown by the Nobel laureats was inspiring for the young researchers, as Katie Dodds-Eden explains: "I found the scientific lectures from the Laureates very inspiring, not only because many of the lectures opened up a whole new world of science for me while I have been studying specialized topics for some time now, but also because of the energy and enthusiasm and a real will to teach of the lecturers. This was one thing that really stood out for me during the week: the Laureates' common passion for research and their obvious love of (lifelong) learning. I was really energized by this. "


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