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MPE News October 11, 2010

Cluster Promotion prize for MPE student

Science Week 2010
During the "Universe Cluster Science Week", 11.-14. October, Dr. Thomas Krühler from the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics will present his award winning thesis on "Advanced Photometric Studies of Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglows". For the third time, the Excellence Cluster Universe awarded two outstanding dissertations in the fields of astro-, nuclear and particle physics in the categories "experiment" and "theory".

In his laudatio, Prof. Dr. Klaus Schreckenbach praised Krühler¿s thesis for the "comprehensive insight into the phenomena and current interpretations of the GRBs." Since these very energetic events are extremely bright, they can be observed in the early Universe and thus provide insight into the first generations of stars.

At the beginning of his diploma work Krühler participated in the development and commissioning of the GROND detector at the La Silla observatory in Chile. While working on his dissertation Krühler spent several months at the observatory and developed new routines to evaluate the afterglow.

Krühler will present his dissertation on Tuesday, 12. October, 9:00, at the IPP Lecture hall. The Cluster Science Week will include many scientific talks covering all seven research areas of the Cluster. The event is open to everybody, no registration and fee required.

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