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MPE News November 9, 2010

Female physicists conference in Garching

Networking at the DPT2010
Picture: MPE / Monika Vongehr
This year, the "Physikerinnentagung" DPT2010 took place in Munich - and started in Garching: On 4 November, the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics, together with the Munich Technical University and the Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics, Plasmaphysics and Quantum Opitcs, invited all participants and high school students to guided tours on the Garching Campus. The laboratory tours were followed by the official opening of the conference with a public talk at MPE.

In the tours at the various institutes, both working and prospective female physicists learned about the different areas of physics represented on the Garching research campus - from tiny quanta and particles to views of the deep cosmos. Young women, in particular, could thus gain insight into current topics of physics research - above and beyond school physics - and learn what it means to become a physicist. MPE staff from many different areas were involved in the programme and their enthusiastic support made sure that this conference kick-off was a success.
High-school students learn how to build parts of an astronomical instrument in a computer
Picture: MPE
Highlight of the opening ceremony in the evening was the public bio-physical talk about "The physics of the dynamical micro- and nano-architecture in living cells". In this interesting and informative talk, Dr. Doris Heinrich from the LMU gave a lively introduction to processes in living cells, which depend on Brownian motion, activities driven by bio-motors and other physical phenomena.

More information:
external link Homepage of the Physikerinnentagung 2010 (in German)

interner Verweis Pictures taken during the opening of the
   Physikerinnentagung 2010 at MPE

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