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Software download center:

From this page you will be able to  download the latests version of the instrument  data reduction software and examples reductions. Currently under development.

some software utilities that are useful for data reduction are listed below.

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UNYS V2.1 (beta) from 29.7.2003 (written by C. Iserlohe ): UNYS is a package of programs which allow to deconvolve a line-of-sight-velocity-profile from an object spectrum using a template spectrum. UNYS2 is a GUI based FCQW (Fourier crosscorrelation quotient method with Wiener filtering) deconvolution. CHI2 is a GUI based ChiSquare minimization using the downhill simplex method by Nelder and Mead. The package is written in IDL. The data is read from fitsfiles so you also need the astrolib routines (see below).
For the simulation mode you have to download this sample file as well (right mouse click and Save as).

For UNYS2 the spectra need to be continuum subtracted with a continuum baseline of 0.
Download the software package and unzip it to any path. Start it under IDL like:
IDL> unys2 
(this is the fcqw deconvolution)
IDL> chi2 
(this is the chisquare minimization).

and read the manual (click the help button on the GUI).
UNYS has been developed under IDL 5.6 and you need the astrolib routines (or download them from here ).

Example: SPIFFI data of NGC6240 (Tecza et al. 2003, in preparation) reduced with CHI2 and UNYS2. The true pixel size is actually twice as big as indicated. The maps are preliminary.

K-band image of NGC6240

K-band image of NGC6240 (logarithmic scale)

Stellar velocity field of NGC6240 derived from CO-bandheads with CHI2 Stellar dispersion field of NGC6240 derived from CO-bandheads with UNYS2




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