eROSITA was launched ago.


This is an internal webpage were I will make available progress reports, changelogs, todo-lists, and other useful info, both for software development and to document the status of the eROSITA-SASS (ROSAT/Abrixas Science Analysis Software System adapted for eROSITA). The page is currently accessible from MPE as well as from AIfA/Bonn, AIP, RSB/Bamberg, and Hamburger Sternwarte workstations.

This page is partially obsolete and is not updated anymore!
Go to the Wiki or AWOB for current information.

Management Plan/Work Package Breakdown
eROSITA Document Server / eROSITA science related stuff on the document server (obsolete)
Wiki for eROSITA WGs / AWOB
Public eROSITA Web page


Presentation on Science Operations at eROSITA status meeting (HB - 12/12)
eROSITA pipeline processing: from raw data to source catalogs, presentation at USM meeting of cluster WG (HB - 12/11)
eROSITA data analysis: pipeline processing, archiving, data access, poster at eROSITA and ART-XC aboard Spectrum-RG conference, Kazan (12/09)
eROSITA presentation at VO splinter meeting of AG annual meeting in Heidelberg (11/09)
eROSITA: Data Reduction, Source Characterization, and Catalogue Creation, poster at X-ray Universe 2011 conference, Berlin (11/06)
Simulated eROSITA Survey Observations (MPE talk CS - 11/04)
Hydrodynamical simulations & Light-Cones for eROSITA (MPE talk FP - 11/04)
eROSITA All-Sky Survey & Catalogues (HB - China/ESAC WS 11/03)
Setup of Source Detection & eROSITA Catalogues WG (HB - 11/02)
HEG meeting: Looking for volunteers to help with the eROSITA-SASS programming (HB- 11/02)
eROSITA-SASS presentation at HE group Ringberg meeting (HB - 11/01)
Presentation on Bayesian background source separation at HE group Ringberg meeting (FG - 11/01)
eROSITA-SASS poster for MPE visiting committee 2010 poster booklet (HB)
eROSITA-SASS presentation at MPE HE group meeting (HB - 09/12)
Viewgraphs eROSITA simulation workshop 09/12
Event simulator for eROSITA and IXO (poster - Bologna 09/09)
Viewgraphs from Bamberg Consortium Meeting 08/10
Viewgraphs eROSITA workshop Ringberg 08/02

Preliminary Design Review of the eROSTIA-SASS / presentation viewgraphs
Preliminary NRTA Software Design / presentation viewgraphs

eROSITA Posters (Fachbeirat 2007):
[Science, Instrument] [Mirror, Survey Strategy] [Camera] [Sub-Pixel Resolution 1] [Sub-Pixel Resolution 2] [eROSITA-SASS] [Monte-Carlo Simulations]

Developers' corner

Simple F95 eROSITA-SASS task, demonstrating SASS environment calls
Building SASS tasks on a local directory
eROSITA-SASS tasks, developers, and status

FITS file formats, file names, archive (ICD)

File format template (HTML)

SASS products and intermediate files:
eROSITA/TRoPIC/PANTER event file format
Konrad's definition of the PAT_INF event file column
Layout of source catalogues

Pipeline control/mission planning/archiving:
Archive structure, processing status files, data rights
Pipeline control, parameter interface, and logging system
Layout of all-sky survey sky maps/all-sky survey sky maps
File format for first and last eROday of each 6-month eRASS survey
Mission planning: scheduled pointings
Mission planning: all-sky survey
Mission planning: all-sky survey and pointings
Mission planning: PI numbers

Calibration files:
Detector maps
Badpixel list
Pattern fractions
Calibration version index file (CVIF)

File naming conventions:
Raw data files (events, HK, attitude)
SASS final data products file naming convention (TB+HB+NC)
Calibration file naming convention
Split TEL event files + TELGTI algorithm




last update: 2013-12-03