Science Results on 26Al Radioactivity

Imaging from COMPTEL aboard the Compton Gamma-Ray Observatory and Spectroscopy from SPI aboard the INTEGRAL Observatory

assembled by Roland Diehl
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  the Galactic 26Al emission regions (... for education/overview; by Roland Diehl)


Spectroscopy Results

26Al Measurements with SPI
A scheme of the science goals: Radioactive decay as measured by INTEGRAL from 26Al decay, and the signature of Galactic rotation. The background image of the milky way is overlaid with the COMPTEL map of 26Al emission. Reference: MPE, Oct 2005

Rotation Signature
Rotation Signature: Spectra
The signature of galactic rotation, as discovered with SPI. Reference: Diehl et al., Nature, 2005

inner-Galaxy spectrum
26Al line shape as measured from the inner Galaxy with INTEGRAL. Reference: Diehl et al., A&A, 2005

SPI view of the 26Al sky

SPI line profile

linewidth-comparison line shape in inner galaxy
  GammaVel/2000 GammaVel
Vela SNR
Orion region image
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