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In July 2000 the performance of the mirror system of the X-ray telescope 
for the mission SWIFT has been studied at the PANTER test facility.

In September 2002, an end-to-end test for the entire X-ray instrument 
of SWIFT is performed at the PANTER test facility.
Three weeks of calibration will concentrate on the following measurements:

  • Focus check
  • PSF calibration
  • Measurement of the effective area
  • Verification of the operating modes of the instrument

  • SWIFT Multi Mirror (left)  vs.  XMM Multi Mirror FM5 (right) inside the PANTER vacuum chamber.
    In the background the aperture (diameter 1 m) of the 130 m long test tube of the facility is visible.
    SWIFT Multi Mirror in front of PANTER's 130 m tube.
    Closer look at the SWIFT Multi Mirror.
    SWIFT XRT Multi Mirror with the ROSAT PSPC (engeneering model) in focus inside the PANTER vacuum chamber
    ROSAT PSPC, EPIC MOS camera and SWIFT Multi Mirror assembeled in PANTER's vacuum chamber
    Effective Area of the SWIFT Multi Mirror in the energy range from 2.0 – 10. keV. Around the gold edge (2.2 – 3.0 keV) measurements at every 50 eV where taken. Beyond 3.0 keV the stepwidth was 500 eV. 
    To simulate nearly parallel X-ray condition (infinite source distance) only one of the 12 sectors of the mirror system was left open, while the other 11 were closed by a stop. The free sector was than brought on the optical axis of the facility.

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