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High-Energy Astrophysics

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High-Energy Astrophysics


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Hardware Projects

Closely connected to the   linkresearch topics  are the hardware projects the High-Energy Astrophysics group is pursuing. Many projects are an effort to build, maintain, and then use experiments and facilities which are needed for the research interest. Besides of hardware projects there are also projects that use archival data and are not neccessarily connected to a new instrument. They are listed under research topics.

Active Projects

... are projects that collect data and/or are operational

Past Projects

... are projects where data gathering or operation has been terminated but very often data analysis and interpretation are still very intensive

Future Projects

  link Chandra (satellite)
link Fermi (GLAST; satellite)
link GROND (telescope instr.)
link INTEGRAL (satellite)
external link MPI HLL (laboratory)
link OPTIMA (telescope instr.)
link PANTER (test facility)
link PUMA (test facility)
link Swift (satellite)
link XMM-Newton (satellite)
  link ABRIXAS (satellite)
Verweis ASTRO-4/2 (rocket payload)
link Compton GRO (satellite)
external link Cos B (satellite)
external link EXOSAT (satellite)
internal link HEXE (Balloon)
internal link MEGA (prototype)
link Mir-HEXE (on space station)
link ROSAT (satellite)
external link SMM (satellite)
external link Ulysses (satellite)
internal link ZETA (test facility)
  under construction
link eROSITA (satellite)

. . . .

link Athena (satellite)

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