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High-Energy Astrophysics

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High-Energy Astrophysics


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MPI Halbleiterlabor

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Research Topics

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Research Topic


link Projects

Large Scale Structure and Cosmology

  external link Clusters of Galaxies
  link The Origin of the Cosmic X-ray Background

linkH. Böhringer
linkM. Brusa,
linkN. Cappelluti

Chandra, COSMOS, Fermi, XMM-Newton
COSMOS field Galaxies and Galaxy Evolution

  external link Gamma-ray Burst Host Galaxies (GHostS)

link S. Savaglio

Chandra, COSMOS, Fermi, GROND, XMM-Newton
Cen A multicolor composit Massive Black Holes and Active Galaxies

  link Active Galactic Nuclei
  external link Centaurus A

link T. Boller
link H. Steinle

CGRO, Chandra, Fermi, GROND, INTEGRAL, Rosat, RXTE, Swift, XMM-Newton,
Intermediate Polar Stellar Evolution and Interstellar Medium

  external link Cosmic rays and gamma rays in the Galaxy
  external link Gamma-ray Burst Afterglows
  external link Nucleosynthesis
  link Physics of Galactic Compact Objects
  link X-ray Sources in Normal Galaxies

link A. Strong
link J. Greiner
link R. Diehl
link V. Burwitz
link W. Pietsch,
link F. Haberl

CGRO, Chandra, Fermi, GROND, INTEGRAL, Rosat, Swift, XMM-Newton,
Comet in X-rays Physics of the Solar System

  link X-ray Emission from Comets and Planets

link K. Dennerl

Rosat, Chandra, XMM-Newton
Detector Development, Test, Calibration
(X-ray sensitive CCDs, detectors for high speed imaging, instrumental techniques, ....)

  external link MPI Halbleiterlabor
  link PANTER
  link PUMA

link L. Strüder
link M. Freyberg
link P. Predehl

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