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In the Infrared group, we provide videoconferencing support in the IR-Besprechungsraum. The system is located next to the white screen.
Videocon Hardware Setup To call the system from outside:

IP address:

In order to use the system, follow these steps:

  • Switch on the video system. The power switch for the videocon is located at the top right of the Polycom remote control. The monitor will switch on automatically. It takes approximately 40 seconds to boot. You are greeted with the "Place a Call" screen.
  • After startup, the system is in "auto-answer" mode, i.e. it will automatically accept any incoming call.
  • You can now call a party by selecting from the Directory (use the cursor keys on the remote) or by typing their IP-address. To clear the address field, push the "backspace" key on the remote (the key above the "3").
  • Once a connection has been established, you can add more participants by calling them (press the green "Anrufen" button) as above, or by accepting more incoming calls.

    Note the following for multipoint conferences:
    • The system does not auto-answer once a videocon is in progress, but it will ask for confirmation.
    • The default action for additional incoming calls is reject if you just press the ok button on the remote!

  • To end a call, press the red "Auflegen" button. If you are connected to multiple participants, the system will ask you whom you wish to disconnect.
  • To send the projected image on the white screen, use the remote control to select a different input signal by pressing the button with a camera on it (labeled "Kamera"). Select Signal #3 (Screen), this will activate the camera mounted next to the beamer, which looks at the screen. To switch back to the main camera, select input signal #1 again.
  • When you finished the videocon, please switch off the videocon system. Do this by pressing the top right key on the Polycom remote for several seconds until the blinking LED at the videocon turns amber. The system shuts down. The monitor will go to standby - don't switch it off.

More information can be found at the Videoconferencing pages of MPE.
If you need assistance, please contact Thomas Ott or Achim Bohnet.

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