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Publications of the IR/Submm group 2002

  1. POX 186: A Dwarf Galaxy in the Process of Formation?
    Corbin M. R., Vacca W. D., 2002, ApJ , 581 ,1039
  2. Thermophysical analysis of infrared observations of asteroids
    Müller T. G., 2002, Meteoritics and Planetary Science , 37 ,1919
  3. Kinematics of Galaxies in the Hubble Deep Field-South: Discovery of a Very Massive Spiral Galaxy at z = 0.6
    Rigopoulou D., Franceschini A., Aussel H., Genzel R., Thatte N., Cesarsky C. J., 2002, ApJ , 580 ,789
  4. Infrared spectroscopy around 4 mu m of Seyfert 2 galaxies: Obscured broad line regions and coronal lines
    Lutz D., Maiolino R., Moorwood A. F. M., Netzer H., Wagner S. J., Sturm E., Genzel R., 2002, A&A , 396 ,439
  5. Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies: QSOs in Formation?
    Tacconi L. J., Genzel R., Lutz D., Rigopoulou D., Baker A. J., Iserlohe C., Tecza M., 2002, ApJ , 580 ,73
  6. Numerical Simulation of Non-Gaussian Random Fields with Prescribed Marginal Distributions and Cross-Correlation Structure. II. Multivariate Random Fields
    Vio R., Andreani P., Tenorio L., Wamsteker W., 2002, PASP , 114 ,1281
  7. Mrk 1014: an AGN-dominated ultraluminous infrared galaxy
    Boller T., Gallo L. C., Lutz D., Sturm E., 2002, Monthly Notice of the Royal Astronomical Society, Volume 336, Issue 4, pp. 1143-1146. , 336 ,1143
  8. Submillimetre observations of hyperluminous infrared galaxies
    Farrah D., Serjeant S., Efstathiou A., Rowan-Robinson M., Verma A., 2002, Monthly Notice of the Royal Astronomical Society, Volume 335, Issue 4, pp. 1163-1175. , 335 ,1163
  9. A star in a 15.2-year orbit around the supermassive black hole at the centre of the Milky Way
    Schödel R., Ott T., Genzel R., et al., 2002, Nature , 419 ,694
  10. ISO observations of low and moderate albedo asteroids. PHT-P and PHT-S results
    Dotto E., Barucci M. A., Müller T. G., Brucato J. R., Fulchignoni M., Mennella V., Colangeli L., 2002, A&A , 393 ,1065
  11. Predicting the clustering properties of galaxy clusters detectable by the Planck satellite
    Moscardini L., Bartelmann M., Matarrese S., Andreani P., 2002, MNRAS , 335 ,984
  12. Mid-Infrared line diagnostics of active galaxies. A spectroscopic AGN survey with ISO-SWS
    Sturm E., Lutz D., Verma A., Netzer H., Sternberg A., Moorwood A. F. M., Oliva E., Genzel R., 2002, A&A , 393,821
  13. Observations of hyperluminous infrared galaxies with the Infrared Space Observatory: implications for the origin of their extreme luminosities
    Verma A., Rowan-Robinson M., McMahon R., Andreas Efstathiou A. E., 2002, Monthly Notice of the Royal Astronomical Society, Volume 335, Issue 3, pp. 574-592. , 335 ,574
  14. ISO LWS Observations of the Two Nearby Spiral Galaxies NGC 6946 and NGC 1313
    Contursi A., Kaufman M. J., Helou G., et al., 2002, AJ , 124 ,751
  15. Gasdynamics in NGC 5248: Fueling a Circumnuclear Starburst Ring of Super-Star Clusters
    Jogee S., Shlosman I., Laine S., Englmaier P., Knapen J. H., Scoville N., Wilson C. D., 2002, ApJ , 575 ,156
  16. Limits on the TeV flux of diffuse gamma rays as measured with the HEGRA air shower array
    HEGRA Collaboration, Astroparticle Physics, Volume 17, Issue 4, p. 459-475.
  17. Solar system objects in the ISOPHOT 170 mu m serendipity survey
    Müller T. G., Hotzel S., Stickel M., 2002, A&A , 389 ,665
  18. The Near Infrared Spectrum of MirandaEvidence of Crystalline Water Ice
    Bauer J. M., Roush T. L., Geballe T. R., Meech K. J., Owen T. C., Vacca W. D., Rayner J. T., Jim K. T. C., 2002, Icarus , 158 ,178
  19. Bar-Driven Spiral Density Wave in NGC 5248: Implications for Central Activity
    Jogee S., Shlosman I., Laine S., Englmaier P., Knapen J. H., Scoville N. Z., Wilson C. D., 2002, Active Galactic Nuclei: from Central Engine to Host Galaxy Abstract Book, meeting held in Meudon, France, July 23-27, 2002, Eds.: S. Collin, F. Combes and I. Shlosman. ASP Conference Series, p. 56.
  20. High spatial resolution near infrared spectroscopy of the nuclear region of NGC 1068
    Thatte N., Genzel R., Davies R., Maiolino R., Tecza M., 2002, Active Galactic Nuclei: from Central Engine to Host Galaxy Abstract Book, meeting held in Meudon, France, July 23-27, 2002, Eds.: S. Collin, F. Combes and I. Shlosman. To be published in ASP (Astronomical Society of the Pacific), Conference Series, p. 33. ,33
  21. Properties of Millimeter Galaxies: Constraints from K-Band Blank Fields
    Dannerbauer H., Lehnert M. D., Lutz D., Tacconi L., Bertoldi F., Carilli C., Genzel R., Menten K., 2002, ApJ , 573 ,473
  22. An ISO-SWS survey of molecular hydrogen in starburst and Seyfert galaxies
    Rigopoulou D., Kunze D., Lutz D., Genzel R., Moorwood A. F. M., 2002, A&A , 389 ,374
  23. The Far-Infrared Energy Distributions of Seyfert and Starburst Galaxies in the Local Universe: Infrared Space Observatory Photometry of the 12 Micron Active Galaxy Sample
    Spinoglio L., Andreani P., Malkan M. A., 2002, ApJ , 572 ,105
  24. Observations of the Hubble Deep Field South with the Infrared Space Observatory - I. Observations, data reduction and mid-infrared source counts
    Oliver S., Mann R. G., Carballo R., et al., 2002, MNRAS , 332 ,536
  25. HST NICMOS imaging of /z~2-3 radio-quiet quasars
    Ridgway S., Heckman T., Calzetti D., Lehnert M., 2002, New Astronomy Review , 46 ,175
  26. Discovery and Implications of a New Large-Scale Stellar Bar in NGC 5248
    Jogee S., Knapen J. H., Laine S., Shlosman I., Scoville N. Z., Englmaier P., 2002, ApJ Letter , 570 , 55
  27. Observations of the Hubble Deep Field South with the Infrared Space Observatory - II. Associations and star formation rates
    Mann R. G., Oliver S., Carballo R., et al., 2002, MNRAS , 332 ,549
  28. Keck Absorption-Line Spectroscopy of Galactic Winds in Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies
    Rupke D. S., Veilleux S., Sanders D. B., 2002, ApJ , 570 ,588
  29. Modelling ionized gas and stellar emissions in starburst components
    Moy E., Rocca-Volmerange B., 2002, New Astronomy Review , 46 ,203
  30. Ice features in the mid-IR spectra of galactic nuclei
    Spoon H. W. W., Keane J. V., Tielens A. G. G. M., Lutz D., Moorwood A. F. M., Laurent O., 2002, A&A , 385 ,1022
  31. Associated Absorption in Radio Quasars. I. C IV Absorption and the Growth of Radio Sources
    Baker J. C., Hunstead R. W., Athreya R. M., Barthel P. D., de Silva E., Lehnert M. D., Saunders R. D. E., 2002, ApJ , 568 ,592
  32. Far-Infrared Galaxies in the Far-Ultraviolet
    Goldader J. D., Meurer G., Heckman T. M., Seibert M., Sanders D. B., Calzetti D., Steidel C. C., 2002, ApJ , 568 ,651
  33. Stellar orbits near Sagittarius A*
    Eckart A., Genzel R., Ott T., Schödel R., 2002, MNRAS , 331 ,917
  34. Host galaxies of gamma-ray bursts : a new cosmic window on star formation and galaxy evolution
    Le Floc'h E., Mirabel I. F., Duc P.-A., Sanders D. B., 2002, Galaxy evolution, theory and observations , ,
  35. Distant AGNs and massive elliptical galaxies with extensions of the galaxy evolution model PÉGASE
    Rocca-Volmerange B., Moy E., 2002, Galaxy evolution, theory and observations , ,
  36. NAOS+CONICA at YEPUN: first VLT adaptive optics system sees first light
    Brandner W., Rousset G., Lenzen R., et al., 2002, The Messenger , 107 ,1
  37. 10 Hygiea: ISO Infrared Observations
    Barucci M. A., Dotto E., Brucato J. R., et al., 2002, Icarus , 156 ,202
  38. Supernova 2002ap in M74
    Marion G. H., Hoeflich P., Wheeler J. C., Vacca W., 2002, IAU Circular , 7860 ,1
  39. Photon-dominated Regions in Low-Ultraviolet Fields: A Study of the Peripheral Region of L1204/S140
    Li W., Evans N. J., Jaffe D. T., van Dishoeck E. F., Thi W., 2002, ApJ , 568 ,242
  40. A Multi-Band Photometric Study of Tidal Debris in a Compact Group of Galaxies: Seyfert's Sextet
    Nishiura S., Shioya Y., Murayama T., Sato Y., Nagao T., Taniguchi Y., Sanders D. B., 2002, PASJ , 54 ,21
  41. The Excitation and Metallicity of Galactic H II Regions from Infrared Space Observatory SWS Observations of Mid-Infrared Fine-Structure Lines
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  43. TEXES: A Sensitive High-Resolution Grating Spectrograph for the Mid-Infrared
    Lacy J. H., Richter M. J., Greathouse T. K., Jaffe D. T., Zhu Q., 2002, PASP , 114 ,153
  44. N-Band Observations of Henize 2-10: Unveiling the Dusty Engine of a Starburst Galaxy
    Vacca W. D., Johnson K. E., Conti P. S., 2002, AJ , 123 ,772
  45. Search for sub-mm, mm and radio continuum emission from extremely red objects
    Mohan N. R., Cimatti A., Röttgering H. J. A., Andreani P., Severgnini P., Tilanus R. P. J., Carilli C. L., Stanford S. A., 2002, A&A , 383 ,440
  46. Liquid phase epitaxy centrifuge for growth of ultrapure gallium arsenide for far-infrared photoconductors
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  47. The Mauna Kea Observatories Near-Infrared Filter Set. II. Specifications for a New JHKL'M' Filter Set for Infrared Astronomy
    Tokunaga A. T., Simons D. A., Vacca W. D., 2002, PASP , 114 ,180
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  51. ISOCAM mid-infrared detection of HR 10: A distant clone of Arp 220 at z = 1.44
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  53. Asteroids as calibration standards in the thermal infrared for space observatories
    Müller T. G., Lagerros J. S. V., 2002, A&A , 381 ,324
  54. Hubble Space Telescope Wide Field Planetary Camera 2 observations of hyperluminous infrared galaxies
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  55. Investigating the central engine of ultraluminous infrared galaxies: near-infrared imaging
    Davies R. I., Burston A., Ward M. J., 2002, MNRAS , 329 ,367
  56. ISOPHOT - Photometric calibration of point sources
    Schulz B., Huth S., Laureijs R. J., et al., 2002, A&A , 381 ,1110
  57. Remote sounding of the Martian dust from ISO spectroscopy in the 2.7µmCO2 bands
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  58. Dynamical masses of young star clusters in NGC 4038/4039
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  59. Unexploited ISO Observations of Solar System Objects
    Müller T. G., 2002, Exploiting the ISO Data Archive. Infrared Astronomy in the Internet Age , ESA-SP 511
  60. NGC 3603 -- a Local Template for Massive Young Clusters
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  61. Observations of planetary satellites with ISO
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  62. ISO Photometry of Hyperluminous Infrared Galaxies: Implications for the origin of their extreme luminosities
    Verma A., Rowan-Robinson M., McMahon R., Efstathiou A., 2002, Exploiting the ISO Data Archive. Infrared Astronomy in the Internet Age, to be held in Siguenza, Spain 24-27 June, 2002. Edited by C. Gry et al. To be published as ESA Publications Series, ESA SP-511. , ,x3x

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