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Galaxies in the Distant Universe Workshop — Ringberg 2010

Galaxies in the Distant Universe

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Galaxies in the Distant Universe

General Information


Venue, Travel, Logistics

List of Participants




Galaxies in the Distant Universe:
Dynamics, Gas, and Early Evolution

Monday to Friday, May 17 &mdash 21, 2010
Schloß Ringberg, Bavaria, Germany

News and updates

Presentations and Pictures online   (June 09)

Presentations are now online and can be accessed from the final workshop program and poster presentations page.

A collection of pictures is also online &mdash thanks to Yingjie, Alberto, and Stefano!

Bus and shuttle schedules   (Updated May 13)
Information about the schedule, meeting points, and signed-up participants for bus and shuttle transportation from the airport to Ringberg on Sunday, 16 May, is now posted here.

Final Program   (Updated May 13)
The updated workshop program and the list of poster presentations are now available.

Final Announcement   (May 4)
The final announcement can be found here.
Information has been updated on these web pages concerning transportation, registration fee, and social events. Participants will be contacted individually by Thursday, 6 May, about their accomodation arrangements. Please contact us immediately if you do not receive this email by Thursday evening.

Description and Aim of the Workshop

The central theme of the workshop will be dynamics and gas content of z > 1 galaxies, highlighting recent observational results, the constraints provided on models of galaxy formation/evolution, and more generally the key role that gas and dynamics are now playing in the context of high redshift studies. Fundamental questions about how galaxies formed and evolved in the early universe will be addressed in light of the latest results at high redshift and of the detailed knowledge in the local universe.
The main objective of the meeting is to bring together researchers from the observational and theoretical communities for a thorough and lively discussion on this theme.

Outline of Topics

  • Dynamics and structure of high redshift galaxies
  • Gas content and star formation activity
  • Mass assembly and early evolution:
    role of cold flows, mergers, and internal dynamical processes
  • Formation and growth of spheroids, bulges, and disks

Workshop Format

To foster interactions between participants, the format will provide ample opportunities for general and informal discussions. The attendance will be limited to a maximum of 60 people.
The schedule will consist of four days for presentations and discussions. Two 90-min sessions are also planned to focus on selected key topics, with different views presented by two speakers for each session and followed by a general discussion.
On the Wednesday, a 1–day excursion is planned in the beautiful surroundings around the venue, Schloß Ringberg, in the Bavarian Alps.


Please note: deadline for registration is April 30, 2010
If you have already registered, your name appears in the "Registered participants" section at the top of the Participants list.

The conference fee is EUR 130.00 and payable cash at the opening buffet at Ringberg on Sunday evening. This fee covers lodging, meals, coffee breaks, workshop materials, and logistics (including transportation between the workshop venue and Munich airport, and on-site for those lodging in nearby hotels during the workshop).
The entrance fees for the excursion to Crystal Worlds and the Wolsfklamm of 11.00 EUR will be collected separately on Sunday.
We cannot take payment by credit cards, so participants should come to Ringberg with sufficient amounts of Euros to cover these fees.

When registering, please make sure to specify any dietary requirements and lodging preferences during the workshop. Please see meals and lodging information for details.

The registration form can be found here .


For those participants from countries requiring a visa to enter Germany, it is best to start the application procedure several months before the workshop. Please check with your local German Consulate or travel agent for information about required travel documents.

Further information

The following links provide information about the

Any questions or problems can be directed via e-mail to either Natascha M. Förster Schreiber or Linda Tacconi at the dedicated Workshop account: kreuth "at" , or fax (+49-89-3299-3569).

Scientific coordinators

Local committee
   Natascha M. Förster Schreiber (co-chair)
   Linda J. Tacconi (co-chair)
   Ric Davies
   Reinhard Genzel
   Dieter Lutz

International committee
   Richard Bower
   Andrea Cimatti
   Francoise Combes
   Avishai Dekel
   Bruce Elmegreen
   Guinevere Kauffmann
   Simon Lilly
   Alice Shapley

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