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Galaxies in the Distant Universe Workshop — Ringberg 2010

Galaxies in the Distant Universe

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Galaxies in the Distant Universe

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Galaxies in the Distant Universe:
Dynamics, Gas, and Early Evolution

Monday to Friday, May 17 &mdash 21, 2010
Schloß Ringberg, Bavaria, Germany

BzK 15504

Recent and major progress in instrumentation is now allowing us to spatially resolve the dynamics and gas content of z > 1 galaxies, two essential aspects in the characterization of their nature and evolution at early stages. These are providing key insights, surprising findings, and new challenges for our understanding of galaxy formation and evolution.
This is the motivation of this workshop, which will bring together researchers from the observational and theoretical communities for a thorough and lively discussion on this topic, addressing also the impact in a broader context and connecting with the detailed knowledge in the local universe.

Schloss Ringberg

The workshop will take place at Schloss Ringberg, in the Bavarian Alps, in the idyllic landscape near Lake Tegernsee. The venue offers all facilities for conferences in an ideal environment conducive to fruitful exchange of ideas in a relaxed atmosphere.

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