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Galaxies in the Distant Universe Workshop — Ringberg 2010

Galaxies in the Distant Universe

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Galaxies in the Distant Universe

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Galaxies in the Distant Universe:
Dynamics, Gas, and Early Evolution

Monday to Friday, May 17 &mdash 21, 2010
Schloß Ringberg, Bavaria, Germany

Workshop Program

The final workshop program can be found here .

The list of poster presentations is here .

Social events

Welcome Buffet:

There will be a welcome dinner buffet at Schloß Ringberg for all participants and accompanying persons paying the registration fee Sunday evening, 16 May, at 19:00. Conference registration will take place at the castle prior to and during the buffet.

Excursion and workshop dinner:

There is an excursion to the Innsbruck area on Wednesday, 19 May, for all participants and their guests. After breakfast in the morning, we will grab boxed lunches, depart at 8h30 AM, and make a ~ 1hr trip to Wattens near Innsbruck, Austria, where we will tour through the Chambers of Wonder of Crystal Worlds .
After the tour, we will drive to nearby Stans, wander through the Wolfsklamm , (Wolf's gorge) and by the St. Georgenberg monastery, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings (see also, e.g., this site ).
The outing day will culminate in the workshop dinner back at Ringberg.

Transportation and the workshop dinner are covered for all participants. However, please note that the entrance fees to Crystal Worlds and the Wolfsklamm of 11.00 EUR per person cannot be covered and need to be paid by each participant. These will be collected during the registration on Sunday to make the access to Crystal Worlds and the Wolfsklamm easier and faster.

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