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Star Formation in Galaxies: The Herschel Era — Ringberg 2011

Star Formation in Galaxies: The Herschel Era

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Star Formation in Galaxies: The Herschel Era

General Information


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Star Formation in Galaxies:
The Herschel Era

Sunday to Saturday, June 19 &mdash 25, 2011
Schloß Ringberg, Bavaria, Germany

Description and Aim of the Workshop

The workshop aims at synthesizing a view of star formation and associated phenomena in galaxies, ranging from the distant universe to resolved studies of sta formation in nearby galaxies and our Milky Way. Our approach will be to combine the most recent observational results from Herschel and other wavelengths with an in-depth view of the factors that regulate star formation in galaxies. We would like to combine researchers from observational as well as theoretical/simulation perspectives.

Outline of Topics

* Star formation in galaxies post Herschel

  • How well do we know basic properties of galaxies?
  • How do infrared SEDs evolve and what is the relation to size?
  • How do star formation indicators compare?
* The relation between star formation and gas
  • Is the star formation rate per freefall time constant?
  • Is there variation of star formation efficiency with local gas density?
  • What are the hidden variables to explain scatter?
  • What is the scale where star formation laws break down?
* Star formation in different environments
  • Are there different modes of star formation?
  • What are the characteristics of star formation around AGN?
* Outflows, feedback, and self-regulation
  • Do we understand the driving sources and mechanisms of outflows?
  • What is the relation between molecular and atomic outflows (neutral or ionized)?
  • What are the small and large scale properties of outflows?

Workshop Format

To foster interactions between participants, the format will provide ample opportunities for general and informal discussions. The attendance will be limited to a maximum of 65 people. The schedule will consist of four days for presentations and discussions. On wednesday, a day excursion is planned in the beautiful surroundings around the venue, Schloß Ringberg, in the Bavarian Alps.

Further information

Any questions or problems can be directed via email to the dedicated workshop account

Workshop SOC:
  Natascha M. Forster Schreiber
  Reinhard Genzel
  Dusan Keres
  Rob Kennicutt
  Dieter Lutz
  Roberto Maiolino
  Norm Murray
  Eve Ostriker
  Amiel Sternberg
  Eckhard Sturm
  Linda Tacconi
  Sylvain Veilleux

Workshop LOC:
  Dieter Lutz
  Eckhard Sturm
  Linda Tacconi
  Natascha M. Forster Schreiber
  Susanne Harai-Ströbl
  Javier Gracia Carpio
  Amélie Saintonge
  Stefano Berta
  David Rosario
  Benjamin Magnelli

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