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Star Formation in Galaxies: The Herschel Era — Ringberg 2011

Star Formation in Galaxies: The Herschel Era

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Star Formation in Galaxies: The Herschel Era

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Star Formation in Galaxies:
The Herschel Era

Sunday to Saturday, June 19 &mdash 25, 2011
Schloß Ringberg, Bavaria, Germany


Reinhard GenzelGalaxy evolution roadmap: what are the top ten questions?
Mark SwinbankThe properties of star-forming regions in high-z starbusts seen through gravitational lenses
Dieter Lutzz~2 star formation as seen by Herschel-PACS
Mattia NegrelloLensed galaxies detected by Herschel
Natascha Forster SchreiberStellar masses: how well do we know them?
Alberto BolattoObtaining H2 masses from CO measurements
Rahul ShettyX(CO) from radiative transfer and hydro simulations
Dominik RiechersPhysical properties of the ISM in star-forming galaxies near and far
Simon GloverMolecular formation in the turbulent ISM: insights from numerical simulations
David SchiminovichStar formation in nearby galaxies: the Galex/SDSS legacy
Steve EalesDust, gas and star formation in Andromeda and other nearby galaxies
Eve OstrikerSelf-regulation of star formation in galactic disks
Amiel SternbergPhase transition
Neal EvansStar formation near and far
Charles LadaStar formation rates in molecular clouds
Amelie SaintongeA census of cold gas and star formation in nearby galaxies
Daniela CalzettiSpatially resolved study of extinction and intrared star formation indicators
Frank BigielLatest results from HERACLES: molecular gas and star formation in nearby galaxies
Robert FeldmannStar formation laws on sub-galactic scales
Fabian WalterGas depletion times in nearby galaxies
Dusan KeresGalactic gas supply and star formation
Linda TacconiStar formation and gas: observations at high redshift
Frederic BournaudNew modes of star formation and black hole growth
Javier Gracia-CarpioPDR spectroscopy of star forming galaxies with Herschel
Rowin MeijerinkMolecular traceers of the local conditions in star forming clouds
Marc RafelskiStar formation from DLA gas in the outskirts of Lyman break galaxies at z~3
Chris HaywardSimulations of star formation in luminous high-z galaxies
Bruce ElmegreenFormation of globular clusters
Keiichi WadaStar formation around AGN and feedback
David RosarioThe Herschel view of star formation in AGN host galaxies
Ric DaviesStar formation around local AGN
Eva SchinnererGas and star formation in galactic environment
Sylvain VeilleuxStar formation feedback: observational perspective
Norm MurrayStar formation feedback: theoretical perspective
Debbie ElmegreenClumpy galaxies at high redshift
Sarah NewmanSuperwinds from massive star-forming clumps at z~2
Shy GenelHigh-resolution cosmological simulations at z~2 with extreme feedback
Mordecai MacLowHigh-resolution simulations of supernova-driven winds
Filippo MannucciThe role of metallicity
Andi BurkertMolecular cloud lifetimes and the evolution of the galactic molecular web
Roberto MaiolinoAGN feedback: CO observations
Eckhard SturmAGN feedback: Herschel observations
Philip HopkinsAGN feedback: theoretical perspective
David RupkeFeedback in galaxy mergers: an optical perspective
Nahum AravAGN feedback: quasar outflows, optical/uv observations


Stefano BertaBuilding the CIB brick by brick
Alessandra ContursiNew insights on the ISM of M82 with PACS
Debra ElmegreenGrand design and flocculent spirals in the Spitzer Survey of Stellar Structure in Galaxies
Bruce ElmegreenGravitational instabilities in two-component galaxy disks with gas dissipation
Jan ForbrichNothing to hide - mid-infrared and X-ray surveys of star formation activity in the Pipe Nebula
Steve Hailey-DunsheathPACS observations of high-J CO in IR bright galaxies
Amanda HeidermanThe VIRUS-P investigation of the extreme environments of starbusts - first results
Mordecai MacLowSupernova driven turbulence
Benjamin MagnelliFar-infrared properties of submm galaxies
Raanan NordonEvolving infrared SEDs and star formation estimates
Paola PopessoEvolution of the total star formation rate in galaxy systems up to z~1.5
Stijn WuytsOn SFRs and SFHs out to z~3
Stijn WuytsGalaxy structure and mode of star formation in the SFR-mass plane

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