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Star Formation in Galaxies: The Herschel Era — Ringberg 2011

Star Formation in Galaxies: The Herschel Era

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Star Formation in Galaxies: The Herschel Era

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Star Formation in Galaxies:
The Herschel Era

Sunday to Saturday, June 19 &mdash 25, 2011
Schloß Ringberg, Bavaria, Germany


Please note: deadline for sending us the required lodging/transportation information is May 15, 2011

Follow the link below to register.

If you have already succesfully submitted the registration form, your name appears in boldface in the Participants list.

Please use the "Comments" field to indicate any specific requirement. This is where you should let us know if you will travel with accompanying persons and/or family. Note that due to the limited recreational facilities up at Schloß Ringberg, those people traveling with accompanying persons will preferably be lodged in hotels in nearby villages. See meals and lodging information for details.

We encourage all participants to plan to arrive at Ringberg on Sunday, June 19, and stay until Saturday, June 25.

Go to the registration form .

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