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Star Formation in Galaxies: The Herschel Era — Ringberg 2011

Star Formation in Galaxies: The Herschel Era

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Star Formation in Galaxies: The Herschel Era

General Information


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Star Formation in Galaxies:
The Herschel Era

Sunday to Saturday, June 19 &mdash 25, 2011
Schloß Ringberg, Bavaria, Germany

Workshop Program

The detailed schedule of the workshop can be found here (updated June 18) and the list of posters is here.

Overview of the schedule:

  • Sunday June 19: arrival at Ringberg
  • Monday-Tuesday June 20-21: scientific sessions
  • Wednesday June 22: excursion
  • Thursday-Friday June 23-24: scientific sessions
  • Saturday June 25: departure from Ringberg

Social events

  • Sunday June 19: Welcome buffet dinner at Ringberg
    There will be a welcome dinner buffet at Ringberg Castle on the evening of Sunday, June 19, for all participants and accompanying persons. Conference registration will take place at the castle prior to this buffet.
  • Wednesday June 22: Excursion and conference dinner
    We plan to have a full day excursion on wednesday, June 22nd, for all participants and their guests. After breakfast, we will grab box lunches and take a bus ride to the nearby lake Achensee. There is a beautiful easy hike with spectacular views on the way, to a peak gaining about 400 elevation meters from the top of a cablecar at 1850m, as well as un-strenuous alternatives both up in the mountains and near the lake. Sturdy shoes and appropriate clothing and gear are recommended.

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