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2nd Generation Instrumentation Pipelines

18/19 April 2007, at MPE, in the large seminar room (1.1.18b)

Map of Garching and the Institute - about 30mins walk, or 1 stop on the U-bahn.
There is also some additional visitor information available.


  • identify where instrument consortia can benefit from each other's experience (although detailed follow-up would probably be later)
  • ensure that ESO's tools & libraries are matched to needs of the consortia; and that the consortia understand what these tools are designed to do and how to use them
  • clear up any questions regarding the implementation of a pipeline using CPL


April 18 zip file of all presentations this day (currently excluding Alexey's)
9:00-9:15 Welcome & introductions
9:15-9:30 MUSE / Peter Weilbacher Instrument overviews & pipeline/DRL status:
  - summary of what instrument does
  - overview of DRL design
  - special DR issues that have been addressed
  - current status of code (& schedule)
9:30-9:45 KMOS / Ric Davies
9:45-10:00 XShooter / Paolo Goldoni
10:00-10:15 SPHERE / Alexey Pavlov
10:15-10:45 VISTA / Jim Lewis CPL experience & lessons learned from VISTA
10:45-12:30 coffee & discussion to identify similarities between pipelines, where ideas or concepts can be exchanged, code shared, etc.
12:30-13:30 lunch
13:30-14:15 ESO / Pascal Ballester pipeline integration into the DFS
questions & discussion
14:15-15:00 ESO / Klaus Banse status & plans for CPL
discussion & requirements for 2GI instrumentation
15:00-16:00 ESO / Richard Hook status & plans for Reflex/SAMPO
discussion & requirements for 2GI instrumentation
16:00-17:00 ESO / Henning Lorch & Mario Kiekebusch status & plans for CLIP/RTD
discussion & requirements for 2GI instrumentation
17:00-17:30 summary & actions
April 19 zip file of all presentations this day
9:00-12:00 CPL recipe tutorial - each topic has a 10min presentation followed by 15min discussion
Y. JungIntroduction
J.M. Larsen Memory debugging, Speed optimisation, Recipe profiling
R. PalsaCoding standards, CVS, GNU Build Tools
S. CastroProducts: DFS product header, PAF file creation, Product naming
C. IzzoUsing libraries FFTW, GSL
L. LundinUnit tests, Recipes test procedures
A. ModiglianiAcceptance tests
General questions and discussion about recipe development


KMOS Ric Davies
Alex Agudo Berbel
MUSE Peter Weilbacher
Joris Gerssen
Arlette Pecontal
Eric Emsellem
XShooter Matthew Horrobin
Paolo Goldoni
SPHERE Alexey Pavlov
VISTA Jim Lewis
Peter Bunclark
GRAVITY Stefan Gillessen
general Thomas Ott
ESO Pascal Ballester
Carlo Izzo
Richard Hook
Henning Lorch
Klaus Banse
Ralf Palsa
Yves Jung
Jonas Larsen
Lars Lundin
Andrea Modigliani
Sandra Castro
Markus Kissler-Patig
Joel Vernet
Paul Bristow
Markus Kasper
Mario Kiekebusch

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