PK-4 Meeting Announcements

ISS after STS-97

The project's kick-off meeting successfully took place at IHED, Moscow, in September 2002! (Images)

Project meeting: December 2002 at MPE, Garching.

Lab visit in Moscow: End of April (Rick).

PFC-35 Preparation Meeting: September 2003, Garching.

ESA Parabolic Flight Campaign (PFC) 35: October 2003, Bordeaux (F). (Images)

PFC-36 Preparation Meeting: February 2004, Moscow. (Images)

ESA PFC-36: March 16-25, 2004 in Bordeaux.

Final meeting of the pre-development phase: September 23-24, 2004 in Garching. (Images)
(See schedule and presentations!)

PK-3 Plus and PK-4 Science Meeting in Ringberg Castle, Bavaria, February 2007. (Images)

>>> Next meeting will be announced here!

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