The PK-4 Team

Function M P E I H E D
PI Prof. Dr. Gregor E. Morfill Prof. Dr. V.E. Fortov
Lead Scientist Dr. Markus Thoma Primary Contact Dr. Oleg Petrov
Deputy Scientist Dr. Herwig Höfner Dr. Alexandre Usachev IHED Contact
Project Scientists Dr. Michael Kretschmer
Dr. Svetlana Ratynskaia
Dr. Andrey Zobnin
Engineers Karl Tarantik Engineering
Tanja Hagl
Christian Rau
Sebastian Albrecht
Christian Deysenroth
Yuri Gerasimov
Students Martin Fink -

  Primary Contact = Primary science and management contact
  IHED Contact = Primary contact at IHED
  Engineering Contact = Engineering and technical contact

Yuri Gerasimov

With deepest affliction we had to face the fact
that on August 23 2006 the leading engineer
of the PK-4 project
Yuri Vasilevich Gerasimov
passed away.
We will always remember him as an excellent
specialist and cheerful companionable man.

The PK-4 teams at IHED and MPE

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